Mohanji Acharyas

Mohanji’s mission is to take every individual towards liberation. To walk this path of liberation, the benchmark is transformation from the existing level to a higher level. For this purpose, Acharyas came into being.

“True traditions talk about transformation, creating masters, not followers”


Who is an Acharya?

The word Acharya in Sanskrit means ‘Teacher’.  An Acharya is someone who practices what he/she believes in with conviction, clarity and consistency transforming people towards positivity. The platform from which he/she operates is the TRADITION. Mohanji Acharyas in a true sense represent Mohanji and the tradition of liberation.

Characteristics of an Acharya

Acharyas’ mission in the world

Representing Mohanji and blessed by the tradition, an Acharya supports Mohanji’s mission by being available to the people in the society and guiding them towards a more meaningful and positive existence. 

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Selfless, compassionate and with an attitude of purity, an Acharya, trained by Mohanji himself, is always available to the world to serve the society through the various platforms provided by Mohanji Foundation. Armed with various techniques provided by Mohanji such as the Mai-Tri Method, Consciousness Kriya, Conscious dancing, meditations and processes, the acharyas reach out to people from various strata of society, effectively counselling and guiding them towards inner transformation and a more peaceful and balanced existence.

Become an Apprentice Acharya

Apprentice Acharyas are dedicated volunteers who aspire to become complete. Self-acceptance, self-respect and self-love are the starting point. To live the path of consciousness, we embody compassion, kindness, selflessness, honesty, truthfulness, and purity. Selfless service is essential. Apprentice Acharyas have the responsibility to always be available to help others who are in need; it is how we make a difference in the world.

Structured programs are offered by Acharyas at various levels physically and through zoom/online sessions:

  • In Universities & schools, Senior citizen homes corporate institutions and businesses
  • Special program for empowering people in overcoming the stresses and strains of traumatic past experiences
  • Programs for addictions, physical/mental challenges faced by people

Benefits of the programs:

 “We are all MASTERS with absolute power to create our own destiny. Find this truth within. This is the eternal truth, not the waking state orientated relative truth that changes with time.”